CBD oil has stormed the market with its ultimate pain and anxiety alleviation! An herbal derivative, CBD oil transformed into tinctures for better absorption into the bloodstream, is the new voice. Tinctures still cloaked in mystery, are an ultimate oral consumption of herb-based medications. People still don’t recognize how effective tinctures are for consuming herbal medicines. Commonly used tea or capsules won’t be as popular if you knew tinctures were fast relievers!

You’re about to witness 5 benefits for consuming CBD oil tinctures. Before we make a go for it, a short reminder that Cannabidiol (CBD) is the extract from the hemp plant deprived of THC (an agent that gets you high). It has miraculously transformed hemp from just a drug addict’s asset to an amazing medicinal and therapeutic remedy. Do what suits you the best, but learn what you might be missing if you’re stuck with the conventional tea solvents and capsules. We unveil the mysterious tinctures specially the CBD oil tinctures so that you won’t be far from assuming their benefits.

Ease of intake!

You’re already in suffering, desperately wanting relief and for that, you’ll have to wait for someone to cook you a CBD tea. Doesn’t sound cool? CBD oil tinctures are here to rescue you! Pick the bottle, fill the dropper and squeeze! Your dose for the CBD oil is complete.

The ultimate benefit of CBD oil tincture is its ease of intake. You don’t have to wait for strenuous time for preparation, it’s just the dropper filled and emptied in your mouth, and a short while to respite. Even as you counter serious anxiety disorders or body you can urge yourself for a short movement. That’s the foremost benefit you have with the CBD oil tinctures.

Lasting shelf life!

Are you a consumer who seldom needs CBD? Let’s assume to be one, CBD products are not at all cheap, they nip at your wallet significantly. If you were to buy a tea it would be unusable in about a year, with just a few servings consumed and the rest wasted you would go into another anxiety. That’s totally not the case with CBD oil tinctures, they have a relatively extended shelf life. They are usable for longer time periods. You have them at your shelf in perfect condition for nearly 5 – 7 years. So, you have cost-benefit with CBD oil tincture resting on your shelf as you require using them gradually.

Speedy absorption!

Considering only the orally consumable CBD oil products: tea, capsules and tinctures, the fastest to enter your bloodstream are the CBD oil tinctures. A tea or capsule would have to enter your digestive system to be effectively consumed. This reduces the efficiency further, with some amount ending within body waste too. Even as stomach acids decompose the capsule, some people with digestive issues won’t be able to consume the CBD oil entirely. The amount of CBD oil entering the bloodstream is reduced – an added issue of longer time to be absorbed.

And now if you were to see the same with CBD oil tinctures, the CBD oil in few drops is placed under the tongue (sublingual) for a minute. The sublingual artery connected to two: internal and external carotid artery shortens the time span for the CBD oil to reach the receptor in the brain. Just 15 minutes to respite with the CBD oil tinctures!

Flexible dosage!

Tea or capsules, both have a specific dosage of CBD oil. One has to be precise with the tea, while capsules have a preset quantity loaded. But, CBD oil tinctures are entirely your way, your needs and your specific quantity. For higher dose more drops, for smaller doses fewer drops, it’s all up to you. This flexibility of dosage is where you can benefit the most with the CBD oil. Hold the dropper load it accordingly and place it under your tongue, count, count and its minute! Swallow it, rinse our mouth (if it’s unflavored) and the CBD oil tincture has done its work. Respite from pain and alleviation of anxiety is on its way!

We’ve provided the benefits when compared to other oral ways of consuming CBD oil. CBD oil patches are deliberately omitted, they are an entirely different mode of inducing CBD oil to your body. A patch over the irritable, painful part and it’s in a jiffy that the pain’s gone for good. Remember! Dosage variations are yet to be researched thoroughly until then it’s good that no side effects have been discovered. Keep using CBD oil tinctures with their medical and therapeutic efficiencies.