Your skin is nature’s way of dressing you up. Your skin takes a serious beating from the environment and is also the very first aspect of introducing you to someone. How many times have we come across phrases like “Look how old has he/she grown!” or “You’ve tanned a lot at work”? The answer is countless times! An unconscious observation is the other person’s skin that might help us read the age and some other aspects of their lives. This is why people tend to be more cautious of their skin and its health. Here we look at a breakthrough in skincare, which is premium CBD.

While CBD has been used since in different cultures for medicinal and therapeutic purposes for centuries, since the Farm Bill 2018, CBD has taken the world by storm. CBD, as we all know, is an organically sourced ingredient procured from hemp or cannabis plant. It is devoid of THC (the chemical responsible for getting people high) and is full of medicinal and therapeutic properties which help alleviate stress, anxiety, pain and has become an unorthodox skincare product ingredients. And now, we reach for the 5 unexpected returns that premium CBD has for your skin.

CBD and anti-aging

Who won’t want to be young for eternity? A number of us fulfil this desire of ours with anti-aging skincare products that delay wrinkles and ruddiness which are common signs of aging. Oxidation has been found to decay metals and has the very same reaction our skin. It is a major reason for our skins to have wrinkles and grow dull as we age. Premium CBD oil being the purest form, is a plant extract and has naturally occurring antioxidants. Apply it to your skin and find signs of aging to slowly wither away.  Premium CBD is rich in moisturizers that help your skin remain glowing for a longer time which removes visible aging signs such as reduced dullness.

CBD and Acne Control

Although it has a moisturizing effect, CBD has been found to bring a glow to the skin without excessive sebum (oil) excretion. Sebum is considered the primary source of acne, CBD as it reduces sebum, is consequently beneficial for acne prone skins. Skin redness is usually the result of acne related inflammation, CBD controls it. You won’t have to lather your skin with the CBD oil, a small quantity massaged gently allows for an acne free skin. Premium CBD although has entered the skincare industry, is still to receive further research as an unchallenged acne control formula.

CBD as a skin soother

As the global temperatures soar higher, so does the need for your skin to be smoothened. Acne and inflammation are both the resultant of heat seeping out of your skin. Premium CBD kicks its way as an innovative solution, it calms the internal sensitivity which leaves marks on your external layer of the skin. Skin sensitivity difference is the reason that some people have higher intolerance for moderate temperature changes or a mild alteration in their internal health. Their skin would spontaneously show signs of irritation and allergic symptoms. You won’t have expected it, but using the premium CBD brings significantly calmness to your sensitive skin type and its soothing properties suppress inflammatory conditions.

CBD in psoriasis 

You’ve been eating unhealthy for a long time or your job requires you to stand exposed to the sun for long hours. And one find day you find your elbow with a red mark that wasn’t there the day before. This is psoriasis, a rare skin disease where skin cells multiply unprecedentedly and leads to eczema. While you would be shocked to know that it still has no cure, yet therapies exist to alleviate its symptoms. The medicinal and therapeutic uses of Premium CBD have recently gained recognition in treating psoriasis symptoms. Its soothing effect reduces the accelerated growth of skin cells and halts any increase in psoriasis.

Using Premium CBD effectively

A simple yet effective way to apply the Premium CBD is:

  • Rinse the affected area thoroughly tepid water, and gently dry it with a clean towel.
  • Apply the premium CBD mask, oil or tincture and leave for effective skin penetration. (Warning: Avoid rigorous rubbing).
  • Now wash it with water according to the instructions behind the packing.

Remember, this is just a general guideline, don’t forget to read the instruction with each Premium CBD product carefully.

A noteworthy aspect here is, Premium CBD is effective in alleviating numerous skin issues making your life better is still novel in skin care. Don’t go rushing to your dispensary and lather your skin with CBD, you won’t know what its uncontrolled use would cause. Have a meeting with your dermatologist and discuss your options of using CBD to cure your skin problem.