Tinctures are an easier way of consuming your plant-based medicines. Herbs for ailments, in tincture form are mixed with alcohol for better results. A tincture would include any form of alcohol from brandy to whiskey but in a controlled amount. A usual concentration of alcohol in tincture is about 40% – 50%, so you shouldn’t think about buying them as an alternative to whiskey! Tinctures, while they have been used for centuries, are still underrated when consuming herbs, you’ll find tea or capsule-based intake to be more common. You would find the same ratios in the CBD oil tinctures. The blog equips you with most of the things you must know related to CBD oil tinctures, why to use, when to use and etc.

You must remember that any herbal medicine which is served as the tincture is not 100% concentrated. Same would be with CBD oil tinctures, they are a mixture of pure CBD oil with other elements for increased potency. Remember they are used for a similar purpose but are not the same as CBD oil! They will “always” have additional elements added to them. Another thing you should remember is for ultimate absorption of CBD, CBD oil tinctures are a preferred way.

How are CBD oil tinctures developed?

CBD oil tincture is a highly effective way to let the CBD oil be absorbed for quick alleviation of pain and anxiety. You would find the internet swarming with CBD oil tincture and the manufacturers but what actually is CBD oil tincture?

Premium grade CBD oil tincture is produced from hemp flowers soaked into alcohol and heated at mild temperatures for hours. This is when the CBD extract is mixed generously with the required alcohol quantity and the residual hemp is discarded. Remember you can have tinctures produced with glycerin too but, for the best results alcohol tinctures are your go-to! Another thing you must remember is, CBD oil tinctures are deprived of the THC, psychoactive is out of the question so don’t go for the cannabis tincture! You’re bound to get high!

A CBD oil tincture would originally be quite bitter, flavors are then added to dilute its bitterness (orange and peppermint are the most common choices).

How to use CBD oil tinctures?

You now know how it’s produced, now is the time to use it! We’ve during our lives used tinctures at least ones, but for the first-timers here’s your simple and short guide to using CBD oil tinctures:

  • Sublingual use: You take the dropper which is accompanied by the tincture and put two drops under your tongue.
  • Hold it! And count a minute before swallowing it.
  • You’re now free to rinse your mouth (just to remove the bitterness).

For a taste preference, you won’t like to go with a bitter taste of a CBD oil tincture, you’re free to add them in a soup or have it with tea. However, we suggest the sublingual way for faster, more effective absorption. Via the sublingual process, the CBD oil tincture would be faster with effects observed in just 15 minutes of consumption.

Why use CBD oil tinctures?

A CBD oil tincture is long-lasting even when the bottle is opened, comparative to other forms that would expire relatively faster. For a person who does not regularly need the CBD oil and its medicinal benefits, a CBD oil tincture is the best grab. You consume it once and put it away until next use, the CBD oil tincture will be the same until next use.

  • Faster absorption amongst the oral forms of CBD oil: relative to capsules or softgels, CBD oil tinctures act faster and must be chosen for quicker respite.
  • Flexible dosage: A capsule or a CBD patch would have a preset amount of CBD oil, but with a CBD oil tincture it’s all on you, from a single drop to whatever quantity calms your sense down. Alert! There may be no overdose, but work is still underway for excessive consumption. Better safe than sorry! Use acceptably.
  • CDB oil tinctures alleviate your pain and anxiety and are taste-friendly too. Add them to your smoothie, mix with tea or coffee, stir them in your soup and its bitterness disappears.

We’ve covered the details for you, so the next time you find yourself in pain or anxiety, you know how to look for, what to look for and how to take your CBD oil tincture!

One last thing as you go! Choose wisely, CBD oils have been faked quite frequently. The cheaper alternatives won’t be pure, and just a way of plundering your finances. Opt for recognized manufacturers like Eco Extension with satisfied customer reviews and premium quality.