We are offering you a fantastic range of CBD body care products and helping you to maintain good personal hygiene, healthy hair and radiant skin.

Our face and hair oil has been formulated using 100% natural, organic oils, medical plants extracts and essential oils. Our CBD Face and Hair oil treatments are multipurpose and full of nutrients giving dual purpose of protecting your face and conditioning your hair.

CBD slave is essentially a relevant ointment that is infused with CBD. Slaves, set themselves apart from some other kinds of CBD oils, these are the ointments used to promote healing of skin, or provide protection for skin. CBD Balm Stick is a daily delivery of effective broad-spectrum CBD extract and Vitamin E. This single stick can last up to 2-3 months with daily use.

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    CBD Skin Lotion 6oz. / 300mg. FSO
    $47.50 | $45.00
    Moisturizing CBD Skin Care 2oz. / 1,000mg. THC-Free
    $46.00 | $36.75
    CBD Salve Pushup Stick 2oz. / 900mg. THC-Free
    $82.50 | $68.50
    CBD Salve 1oz. / 450mg. THC-Free
    Premium CBD SALVE 450mg. THC-FREE