Eco-extension’s facial care products range is affordable, effective and brings desire results. CBD Face Moisturizer is made with dry and dehydrated complexions in mind, this extreme-rich moisturizer is a hydrating addition to your skin care routines.

Buy CBD Face Oil Online from our store it is rich in natural ingredients that provide the finest care for healthy and demanding skin. CBD face oil has a mild scent, quickly soaked up by the skin, keeping your skin soft in dry weather.

You can buy original CBD face mask online from us, CBD face masks are essential and a luxurious facial care product. These masks allow your skin to relax and deliver premium benefits of CBD in an easy to use format.

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    CBD eye-creme 1oz./600mg. THC-Free
    $43.50 | $39.25
    CBD Skin Lotion 6oz. / 300mg. FSO
    $47.50 | $45.00
    Moisturizing CBD Skin Care 2oz. / 1,000mg. THC-Free
    $46.00 | $36.75
    Face Hair and Skin CBD OIL 1oz./500mg.
    $72.00 | $64.50