There may not be an easier way to swallow CBD than with softgel or capsules! Our wide range of CBD Full Spectrum Softgels allows you to get all the benefits of CBD without the problem of using CBD spray.
Buy CBD Softgels Online from us and we will deliver a quick and convenient way to get you daily dosage of CBD with totally 0% THC.

Eco-extension’s CBD softgels are specially designed for individuals seeking an easy and tasteless way to intake their daily dose of CBD. Our softgels has a neutral taste, it offers a comfortable alternative for those who do not enjoy the flavor of CBD oil. Our Softgels are quality checked, to ensure a completely transparent and safe product. We believe in delivering consistent amount of CBD to you.

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    CBD Softgels 300mg. / 30 count
    $45.00 | $38.50
    CBD SoftGels for Pets 300mg. / 30 Capsules FSO
    $45.00 | $38.50
    Premium CBD Softgels 750mg. W/Melatonin THC-FREE
    $99.95 | $79.95